Saturday, April 7, 2012

Zoya Max - A Very Pretty Not Red Red

Happy Saturday!

One of the polishes I'd like to show off today is Zoya Max.  I received it free as part of Zoya's Valentine's Day promo.  I like red polish...on other I had a hard time choosing a red for the promotion.  The stock pic of Max on Zoya's website caught my attention because it didn't look like a straight on was kind of unusual because of its pink, coral and orange undertones.  Trust me when I say you have to see this in person to appreciate the beauty of the color.

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I took many pictures, but I don't believe my camera quite captured the color as I see it.  Hopefully by looking at it from a few different angles you'll be able to see close to what I saw.  I will say it appears more coral in pictures than it does on the nail.  I'd describe it as more of an artificial strawberry-pink red.

(Speaking of my camera, I ordered Maya with Max, but my camera completely spazzed out when I tried to photograph that one.  I'll have to try it again.  If I posted those pics, you'd think Maya was a glow-in-the dark polish, but it isn't.)

My only complaint with Max is the VNL - visible nail line.  I don't want to see my nail line after I paint my nails.  But, I liked the color so much, I'll give the VNL issue a pass this time.  Plus, the nail line was less visible when I used Zoya's ridge filler, Get Even, as a base.

Enough talk! Look at the pics:

Zoya Max - direct sunlight

Zoya Max - indoors, natural light

Zoya Max - indoors, natural light

Zoya Max - indoors, natural light

Zoya Max + Get Even = less visible nail line

Zoya Max + Orchid I Met Him in Prism

I'm definitely keeping Zoya Max in my collection - I just love the color.  What's your favorite not red red?

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