Saturday, April 21, 2012

Orchid I Love You Berry Much + Ulta Material Girl

When I started this blog, I wanted to not only show polishes in my stash that I liked, but also those that I didn't whether it was due to the color, formula, or otherwise.  By doing that, I figured that I could help someone out there avoid making the same mistake (if you can call it that), or help someone choose their next perfect color.  Countless blogs have done just that for me.

I swatched Orchid's I Love You Berry Much and chose Ulta's Material Girl for an accent nail.  It wasn't my favorite, but I accomplished my goal of wearing I Love you Berry Much.  I have a bad habit of buying polish and letting it sit forever collecting dust, so I forced myself to put these guys on.

Polish Notes:

Base coat: CND Stickey
Coats of polish used: I used 3 coats for the Orchid color, and I'm still not sure it was enough.  Coverage still seemed uneven.  For Material Girl, I used two coats.
Comments about application:  The Orchid formula is a little on the thin side and it was runny.  I didn't like it very much.  The Ulta glitter applies fine, but looks dull when dry, and feels gritty.
Top coat: I added CND Shiney to the accent nail only because it dried a dull matte.  It didn't help much because it looked the same after the Shiney dried.  I guess it likes topcoat.  I won't be feeding it anymore, though.  I wasn't a fan of this manicure.

Interestingly, I like it more in these pictures than I did immediately after application.  What do you think?

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