Sunday, April 15, 2012

Don't Panic! It's Just More NerdLacquer

Fine, I'm in.  I'm really starting to love NerdLacquer polishes!  They're just fun.  Like Crunchy Frog, Don't Panic applied easily, and I didn't even have complaints about glitter stuck to the side of the bottle this time.  I think it would have looked better layered over something, but I didn't have any complementary greens to choose from.   I guess I could've gotten all wild and crazy and chosen a totally different color as a base, but I'll have to save that experimentation for another day. (BTW, thanks to gutsandgrace for bringing me into the world of NerdLacquer.)

Official color description:
DON’T PANIC is a brilliant clover green base with emerald and grass green small and large hexagonal glitter, plus a sprinkling of holographic sparkle. Friendly, non-threatening, and extremely glittery.
Sounds pretty accurate to me.  On to more pics!

Polish Notes:

Base coat: CND Stickey
Coats of polish used: 2
Comments about application:  Applied easily - no real complaints here!
Top coat: None, though I imagine it would be a guzzler.

Annnnd...the Etsy store is STILL closed. *sigh* Oh wells.

'Til next time,

Stay polished!

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