Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Orly Dayglow

Orly Dayglow is one of six polishes from the company's summer 2012 Feel the Vibe collection.  Apparently, it's supposed to be used as a base to enhance the neon colors.  Too bad for me, I didn't realize this until I starting writing this post.  I was looking for a nice, easy to apply white.  Sadly this didn't turn out to be it.  I applied layer after layer, with the first two being streaky and all being kind of goopy.  You can kind of see that in the pictures, especially on my middle nail.  I hesitated to even post pictures because I think it looks so bad, but I thought it might help someone.  I only own one neon color - Zoya's Charisma.  Maybe I'll try Dayglow with Charisma to see if I have better results.

Side note: What's wrong with me?  I'm not really a fan of neons but it seems EVERYONE came out with one for the summer. 


  1. I have been looking for a white polish and I was going to get this one. Glad that I read your post, but do you have any recommendations for an Orly polish, perhaps your favorite?

  2. I know, KendraDenise, my search continues for a good white polish. The only other Orly polish I own is a glitter, Sashay My Way. I like the glitter, but I can't really say I like the formula. That's why I don't own many Orly polishes. I always seem to have trouble with the formula. If the formula is too bothersome, I'm not going to stick with the brand. Let me know if you find any good ones!

    Here's a quick post I did about Sashay My Way

  3. Would you be able to use it as a base. I am trying to do that for colors I know will stain my nails. Would thinning the formula help? I bought some nail thinner from Sally's.

  4. White polishes are so tricky. Now I can't decide between Orly, OPI or China Glaze..

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