Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Have A Polish Fairy

It seems like forever ago when BeyoncĂ© made her post Blue Ivy debut, wowing everyone with her new and improved figure, wearing an electric blue nail polish called Baker Street by nails inc.  She definitely made a statement, letting the world know that even when out on the town, her baby was on her mind.  I loved the color, and couldn't wait to get my hands on the polish from the brand I knew little about at the time.  Well, a little polish fairy delivered the goods, and I couldn't wait to show it off!

(I used Zoya's Get Even Ridge Filler as a basecoat followed by two coats of Baker Street with CND Shiney as the topcoat.)

nails inc. Baker Street

I had a sneaky suspicion that Baker Street was a dupe or near dupe of Mesmerize.

(l) Essie Mesmerize (r) nails inc. Baker Street

As you can see, Mesmerize is darker compared to Baker Street.  They are close, but not dupes.  The formula on the Essie was a bit smoother though.

I'm officially on this blue thing.  I love the way it looks on me.  What's your favorite blue polish?


  1. I fell in love with this color since the day I saw Bey rocking it lol. It's such a perfect true bold blue. I always get compliments when I wear it too, I never heard of the brand until Beyonce! It looks gorgeous on you!

  2. Very pretty, I have been loving blues and buying so many this summer. I have been trying to wear them secretly hoping it will turn my stain nails back normal, lol.

  3. wow this color looks great on your nails!