Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zoya Fall 2012 - Suri and FeiFei + Holiday 2012/13 Pre-Order

Zoya Suri Zoya FeiFei

A couple of weeks long time ago, I placed an order for two of my faves from Zoya's Fall 2012 collection.  I gave you a sneak peek here, but now I want to show them off in all their glory.

First up is Zoya Suri.

"Medium blue-toned purple with delicate red and blue shimmer and a smooth metallic finish."

Zoya Suri

First up is Zoya Suri. I LOVED IT, and I took a ton of pics to show you why. I picked out a couple that I thought were representative of the bunch. I'm warning you, she's pretty!

Zoya Suri

Zoya Suri

Zoya Suri

Zoya Suri

FeiFei is up next.

"A medium steel blue base with heavy gold, blue and pink iridescent metallic sparkle."

Zoya FeiFei

Zoya FeiFei
Zoya FeiFei - one coat

Zoya FeiFei
Zoya FeiFei - two coats

Zoya FeiFei

Zoya FeiFei

Next, I need to get Song, Elisa and Daul. Not to mention Zoya's Holiday 2012/2013 Ornate collection is now available for pre-order.  They promise the collection will adorn your nails in jewels.

Zoya Ornate Holiday 2012

Just like last year's fall collection, I'd like to have all of these. Storm especially is screaming, "Buy me, buy me!"

Until next time, stay polished!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

China Glaze is Still Magnetic

Calling all magnetic polish lovers! China Glaze is back for a second round with Magnetix II, a new collection of magnetic nail lacquers.

China Glaze Magnetix II

In this collection:
  • Sparks Will Fly - Chic cobalt blue
  • Gold Fusion - Rich gold
  • Bond-Tastic - Soft rust
  • Con-Fused? - Lively green
  • Get Charged - Dark lavender
  • Positively in Love - Gorgeous magenta

If you're not quite sure what to make of magnetic polish, have a closer look:

China Glaze Magnetix II

I have yet to give magnetic nail polish a try. I wonder if the wear is the same if you wear it as is, without using the magnet. Has anyone tried that?

Sorry, I don't have any swatches, but The PolishAholic does!

For more details, check out the company's full press release after the break.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My Perfect Polish has been on a bit of a break lately, but I'm coming back with China Glaze news, and of course swatches. Stay tuned!