Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Think I'm A Cultie Now: My First Two Cult Nails Polishes

A few weeks back, Cult Nails held its $5 sale.  I'd seen a few great swatches of their colors, and thought at $5, I had to give them a try.  I LOVE the colors I purchased.  I went with In A Trance and Vicious.  I know it is spring (with summer weather around these parts), but I chose dark colors anyway.  I like what I like.

(l) In A Trance & (r) Vicious

In A Trance

One reason I love this color is because it looks like what I thought Essie's Armed and Ready (Spring 2012, Go Overboard) would look like on the nail.  I was a little disappointed with Armed and Ready because I felt you could only see the shimmer in bright light, and it was much darker in person than it appeared in the many swatches I'd seen of it.  Although bright light enhances the beauty of In A Trance, you can see the gold shimmer in other light settings as well.

Here's a cell phone pic I took and posted on my Facebook page at

Polish Notes:

Description: Olive green-gold with gold shimmer
Base coat: none
Coats of polish used: Two coats (note the difference between 1 and 2 coats, below)
Comments about application:  Formula seemed to be just the right consistency
Top coat: None, but I'll add CND Shiney to it next time.  By now, you should know I love that stuff.
Where to buy:, $10

Cult Nails In A Trance. Isn't it gorgeous??


Vicious is simply a "me" color.  I own way too many in this color family, but Vicious may just be my favorite of them all.  I was afraid my Zoya Anja (Fall 2011, Smoke & Mirrors) was too close in color to justify having both, but upon closer investigation by the D.A.C. -- Dupe Advisory Committee -- a.k.a. me, they have proven NOT to be dupes or near dupes because Anja has a much redder base than Vicious.

Polish Notes:

Description: Purple creme polish
Base coat: none used in the photos (but you will need one to avoid excessive staining)
Coats of polish used: I used two coats in the photos, but once I got outside in the sunlight, I saw some uneven areas.  Two should be fine, but three may be preferable.
Comments about application:  No complaints here!
Top coat: I wore it without a top coat, but would recommend using CND Shiney for extra nail bling.
Where to buy:, $10

Cult Nails Vicious
Ahh, I love it :)

There will definitely be more Cult Nails in my future.  I can't wait until they have their next $5 sale.  There should be one coming up for the polishes that were out of stock during the last $5 sale.  Even if you can't catch them on sale, they are worth the $10 they normally cost.

Which color(s) should I purchase from Cult Nails next?


  1. I almost bought from that sale, but resisted. This may push me over the edge, but I will wait for their next sale.

  2. @Adrianne - Seriously, do it! Maybe I just picked 2 good ones, but I was very happy with my first Cult Nails purchase. I'm holding out for another sale too, though. :)